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CAM2 International, LLC has formed a strategic alliance with one of the largest packagers in the United States to dramatically increase the geographic area to which CAM2 International can competitively supply its products.

Quando dopo mezzora arrivai sul piazzale il locale era tutto al buio passai sul retro e trovai il portoncino aperto,che fortuna mi dissi...

If the sediment is calcareous, treatment with 10% HCl may be desirable. Although some laboratories can use as little as 2 mg dry material, to produce sufficient carbon it is usually best to submit at least 12 mg. If it is humified peat, treatment with 10% KOH may be desirable.

The uncertainty in the varve chronology comes from two sources: core sampling and varve counting.

Wool hairs for example will make the sample younger ; synthetic oil-derived hairs will make the sample older.

Working conditions should be as clean as possible, and care should be taken to remove all dust, hairs, etc from containers before use, and to control the samples for these contaminants as outlined above.

Matching of the 29,100-yr long floating varve chronology from Lake Suigetsu to the absolute chronology.

The problems are particularly great at about 10,000 14C y.