Who is drake dating february 2016

17-May-2018 11:59

With this feat, Rihanna tied Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Elton John as the artists with the fifth-most top-ten songs on the chart.

She opined that the song is a prime example of "an unapologetic black woman proudly showing her heritage at a time when our politics are dominated by #Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump's racist, xenophobic and misogynistic tirades." Rani continued to state that although mainstream critics are uncomfortable with Rihanna's use of patois (describing it as "gibberish"), she is able to display West Indian culture front and center without appropriation from mainstream culture.

Drake's vocals were recorded by Noel Cadastre and Noah "40" Shebib at the Sandra Gale Studios in California and the SOTA Studios in Toronto.

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