Tips for dating a polish girl

16-Sep-2017 06:08

Instead, just lean in occasionally and get closer to her while talking about something.At times, soften your tone to a whisper so she’s forced to come closer to hear you.And during the middle of the conversation, place your hand on the table “absentmindedly”.Does she reciprocate your move now and then by placing her own hand on the table?Choose a restaurant where you can sit next to her, at right angles.Avoid restaurants where you have to sit facing each other unless you have no choice.

But can you just touch a girl whenever you feel like it?

The smallest of bodily contact is always more exciting than an obvious move.

Take your time and never rush through any of the steps.

You may be a smooth guy who knows his moves but if you try to get touchy feely too soon, you may just end up creeping her out.

[Read: How to get a girl to like you] The best way to warm a girl up to your touch on a first date is by using a two part strategy. But using the two part date approach can help you build the momentum for something more than just a touch.Placing your hand on the table lets her know that you’re reaching out to her.

This isn’t specific to good girls only, but to all girls. If the girl introduces you to her family, it is a very big step into her trust zone. It’s not hard to find a good girl in Thailand, simply look around.… continue reading »

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