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Additionally, the Legislature finds that the use of telemedicine for patient evaluation, case management, and ongoing care will improve management of patient care and reduce costs of transportation.s. 395.002, the person may be first transported to a hospital for emergency medical treatment, regardless of whether the hospital is a designated receiving facility. 394.463, the law enforcement officer shall transport the person to the appropriate facility within the designated receiving system pursuant to a transportation plan or an exception under subsection (4), or to the nearest receiving facility if neither apply.To authorize and direct the Department of Children and Families to evaluate, research, plan, and recommend to the Governor and the Legislature programs designed to reduce the occurrence, severity, duration, and disabling aspects of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Persons who meet the statutory guidelines for involuntary admission pursuant to s.That treatment programs for such disorders include, but not be limited to, comprehensive health, social, educational, and rehabilitative services to persons requiring intensive short-term and continued treatment in order to encourage them to assume responsibility for their treatment and recovery. 397.675 may also be transported by law enforcement officers to the extent resources are available and as otherwise provided by law.For your child's safety, the child won't be released to the designated recipient until the identification has been reviewed by one of our employees.Upon arrival, your child will have a personal escort from the aircraft to the designated pick-up person. Patients treated in facilities of the United States Government shall be solely those whose care is the responsibility of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.“Triage center” means a facility that has medical, mental health, and substance abuse professionals present or on call to provide emergency screening and evaluation for mental health or substance abuse disorders for individuals transported to the center by a law enforcement officer.s. Procedures for receiving complaints against a designated facility or designated receiving system and for initiating inspections and investigations of facilities or receiving systems alleged to have violated the provisions of this part or rules adopted under this part.s. When a law enforcement officer takes custody of a person pursuant to this part, the officer may request assistance from emergency medical personnel if such assistance is needed for the safety of the officer or the person in custody. 39.01.“Substance abuse impairment” means a condition involving the use of alcoholic beverages or any psychoactive or mood-altering substance in such a manner that a person has lost the power of self-control and has inflicted or is likely to inflict physical harm on himself, herself, or another.“Treatment facility” means a state-owned, state-operated, or state-supported hospital, center, or clinic designated by the department for extended treatment and hospitalization, beyond that provided for by a receiving facility, of persons who have a mental illness, including facilities of the United States Government, and any private facility designated by the department when rendering such services to a person pursuant to the provisions of this part. Procedures and criteria for designating receiving systems which may include consideration of the adequacy of services provided by facilities within the receiving system to meet the needs of the geographic area using available resources. Such company must be insured and provide no less than 0,000 in liability insurance with respect to the transport of patients.

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The program shall seek to integrate primary care and psychiatry and other evolving models of care for persons with mental health and substance use disorders. If the appropriate law enforcement officer believes that a person has an emergency medical condition as defined in s.This pass will allow the designated recipient access through security to meet your child at the gate immediately upon aircraft arrival.The designated recipient must be a named person and cannot be an organization such as a youth camp. “Physical restraint” does not include physical devices such as orthopedically prescribed appliances, surgical dressings and bandages, supportive body bands, or other physical holding when necessary for routine physical examinations and tests or for purposes of orthopedic, surgical, or other similar medical treatment when used to provide support for the achievement of functional body position or proper balance or when used to protect a person from falling out of bed.“Seclusion” means the physical segregation or involuntary isolation of a person in a room or area from which the person is prevented from leaving. 394.4573 which is responsible for assessment and evaluation, both voluntary and involuntary, and treatment, stabilization, or triage for patients who have a mental illness, a substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders. 394.462 must support the operation of the receiving system. The entity providing transportation may seek reimbursement for transportation expenses.

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“Physical restraint” includes the physical holding of a person during a procedure to forcibly administer psychotropic medication. The department shall designate as a receiving system one or more facilities serving a defined geographic area developed pursuant to s. The transportation plan shall describe methods of transport to a facility within the designated receiving system for individuals subject to involuntary examination under s. The jurisdiction designated by the county has contracted on an annual basis with an emergency medical transport service or private transport company for transportation of persons to receiving facilities pursuant to this section at the sole cost of the county; and The law enforcement agency and the emergency medical transport service or private transport company agree that the continued presence of law enforcement personnel is not necessary for the safety of the person or others.

Please review the following guidelines and procedures to make sure your unaccompanied minor has a great experience with us.