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For another she swayed her hips seductively as she entertained male and female guests.

Maude resembled Rebecca Romijin Stamos when she portrayed a sexy character in the movie, "Femme Fatale." Maude took another two glasses of champagne from the tray of a passing handsome young waiter after putting our empty glasses into it. Where earlier I noticed her flirting with the handsome waiter now she was flirting with me although in a relatively mild way.

That it was a classy gathering was evident from the endless flow of champagne and caviar. "When we planned to go diving I never thought it would be into water," Ellen was furher quoted telling Hillary.

There was dancing and laughter, men talking business and women throwing gossips here and there about celebrities, the rich and the famous. I laughed out loud listening to the funny gossips coming from women who were supposedly the cream of the crop of San Francisco's high society.

I recognized her as the hostess, the owner of the mansion and wife of my husband's boss.

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As for my sexual orientation, well, I still consider myself straight in spite of a new and unexpected discovery. Or so I thought until one night at a party when another woman made me discover something in me that I never knew existed.

Of course I dismissed it as just one of those things in my attempt to maintain politeness. Our heavy breathings were the only sounds blowing into each other's ears.