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Let us put our vast knowledge and understanding of divorce litigation to work for you.Even if you are facing a relatively peaceful separation, our lawyers can guide you through the divorce process with as little frustration as possible. In order to serve you better, we are willing to schedule a free, personal consultation to help you understand your situation and give you the opportunity to make an informed decision about the future of your marriage.

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He pulls out his ex-girlfriend's tennis shoes that he didn't think to throw out (well, he didn't throw out the DVDs, so why throw out old tennis shoes, am I right? Guess he's still out of town on that family emergency..everything's okay! You start chatting with a guy on Ok Cupid (This is obviously going to end well, I mean, it started with Ok C...) and you try to make plans to meet up. The night ends with just the two of you and you exchange numbers. A year later, you guys all hang out again, same thing. Guess he fell into the toilet bowl and drowned to death? A guy scheduled two dates in one day -- one at brunch and another for drinks in the evening. His reasoning was that he knew he wasn't going to get lucky with a brunch date, so he might as well get tipsy at brunch and let that buzz carry over to the evening drinks, where he still had a shot with the second girl. The thing with dating in New York City is that we're all too selfish. You can get anything you want in the world at any time of the night as long as you can afford it, but no one has time.

Our attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of mediation and want to help you understand your divorce options. Sometimes, couples need time apart from each other to decide whether or not divorce is the answer to their marital struggles.