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In fact, canned goods designed for use in the tropics are specially manufactured.Store canned foods and other shelf stable products in a cool, dry place.Any unused portions must then be refrigerated in clean containers. The canned food industry in the United States stopped using lead-soldered cans in 1991.In 1995, the Food and Drug Administration issued a final rule prohibiting the use of lead solder in all food cans, including imported products.

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The risk of spoilage jumps sharply as storage temperatures rise.

This military secret soon reached England where, in 1810, Peter Durance patented the use of metal containers for canning.

Englishman William Underwood migrated to Boston and established a canning plant in 1821.

[Top of Page] How does canning make food shelf stable?

Canning is a way to store food for long periods of time.But except for drying, packing in sugar syrup, or salting, keeping perishable food safe without refrigeration is a truly modern invention. Foods that can be safely stored at room temperature, or "on the shelf," are called "shelf stable." These non-perishable products include jerky, country hams, canned and bottled foods, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, spices, oils, and foods processed in aseptic or retort packages and other products that do not require refrigeration until after opening. Some canned food, such as some canned ham and seafood, are not safe at room temperature.