Invalidating the self dating advice meeting friends

27-Feb-2018 12:32

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My kids still abused me with this silence abuse and over the last 5 years have erased me from their lives.

When I was told what the problem was that I had created over the years, I got rid of ALL my so called friends because they were subtle invalidators too.

This journal is in no way complaining or whining about my children or my being a victim.

It is shared to perhaps give a point to another woman who needs to hear it.

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" I was SO moved that she cared so much about me that she wanted to have a visual of what I would be doing. I do not believe I ever had any of my children ask me that question. I am sure you will agree with me that other than feeling you are the wrong one....facing this kind of abuse will also have her self esteem totally destroyed, the person feels helpless and hopeless, the person also ends up with self pity, and if the abuse is repeated over and over again, the abused despairs.......feels nothing is good with her, what she says or does and unfortunately the person turns the hate against herself or himself.i can imagine how it must have felt when your own children especially daughter either consciously or unconsciously invalidated you.....must have been tough when you realized that.You don't realize the person is this way when you marry them.

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