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I walk into her room and slowly begin looking through her dresser, trying to find what I'm looking for.I suddenly hear the door open and Mom's call out, "Sarah? " I silently and quickly hide under her bed, the dangling fabric below her mattress hiding me.

I hear Mom's footsteps enter the room and begin to walk around to the other side. Maybe she left early." Mom says to no one in particular. I continue waiting for an opportunity to go back to my room, but Mom walks around her room.

I ask myself, no longer sure if I dislike what I'm hearing. Below her, I hear the sounds of vigorous sex mixed with the creaking of the bed. Her dangling feet are the only part of her currently visible. I pull out my phone and make my way to my room like I just got home.

Mom begins to ride him faster as her moans become louder. I think, as my fingers continue to work my very wet pussy. " The man exclaims, probably as Mom's snatch coats his member with her cum. Mom crawls on her hands and knees to him then stops, her arms raised to probably stroke her member. I think, once again plunging my wet index and middle fingers into my pussy. The man closed the distance between himself and Mom. Looking at the pictures I sent myself Mom really looks like a mess.

Finally, Mom's phone rings and she picks up, "You outside? "The doors unlocked, just come in." I hear the door open downstairs and Mom sigh to herself, "I hope this is as good as Karen said it would be..." I ask myself, before hearing the stair creek, almost as if many people were coming up. " The man speaks again, Well since I'm in here..." Then I hear a light thud as his belt buckle hits the floor. A minute later Mom's phone dings as she receives a text.

The door creaks open and I hear a man's voice ask, "You look Amazing! " Mom's voice sounds nervous, "It's my first time doing something like this... I look down my naked body and see his pants located at the foot of the bed, connected to a pair of legs that step out of the pants. I try to ignore thoughts of my Mom sucking a cock, but with the noises I'm hearing this task proves almost impossible. Mom lets out a laugh, types a response and stands up and walks into her bathroom.

I slowly stripped down, and he stared right at my boxers, in another trance.