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19-May-2018 18:11

They don't reject their lovers' bodies, and they don't see viewing as cheating or a sign of relationship dissatisfaction." Do Men in Relationships Have a Right to Masturbate? The vast majority of men were masturbating enthusiastically and frequently long before they met their spouses.

And today, many people (mostly women) consider "porn addiction" a major problem. They did not consider it an innocent masturbation aid.

There's also a man's fear that other men will be with his woman, because it's just true that men constantly think about sex. Where would our species be without men constantly seeking to be with women, to make relationships work? I disagree that women are turned on by touch, not by what they see.

Men think about this stuff and it intrigues me to the point where the psychology of men is almost an obsession of mine. I think men are definitely turned on MORE by what they see, but I think women are definitely turned on by what they see. Kim - NO ONE ever doubted your "right" to be against porn.

It completely blew my mind how harmless pornography really is! Men evolved to want to be with women on many levels, and physical intimacy is an expression of that -simply that is what it is.

Now when women watch porn, we may tend to get picky and over-analyze things, and as a result, become those very people we think men become when they watch porn -beasts, overbearing, and the like. Women are difficult to find, though, that are sane and are willing to put them first, because men do need a lot of TLC, they just do. I could go on and on and whatnot, so I'll just close by saying that there is actually something in the article I disagreed with.

I do think, however, that when you start introducing other things into the mix, like animals, we may have a problem.

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