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16-Aug-2017 02:40

I was basically just a walking, talking sexual health library.

The only thing I didn’t know and the only thing they don’t teach you – which is a big fucking gap if you ask me – is the female orgasm.

Those early lessons played a key role in helping me to feel comfortable in my own sexuality.

If my early education came from my mom, then my later education came from popular culture, but not the deranged Nicki Minaj version we see now (thank god).

She was very independent, and I don’t think she put up with much crap.

Looking back, I can’t help but have respect for her.

(I want to link you to her article, but for some reason, it can’t be found.) The year was 1999. I can’t recall how long we were dating, but I think it was roughly around five months.

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By age 12 I had smoked my first cigarette, been drunk a handful of times, and smoked my first joint (albeit not properly as I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of inhaling).

My sources has run dry, it was uncomfortable as hell at home, and the shaming came to be so much that it was not worth the rebellion. I became the teacher’s pet again, and was really interested in doing well in school.

I also wasn’t clever enough to throw it back in their faces – the alcohol and cigarettes came from them, afterall. It’s also important to note that I was the ringleader. I was not afraid of adult-like things; I was just excited to experience them. I was on all the sports teams, competing in dance, and chairing many of the clubs at school.

(But that’s a whole different story that I’ll address in another blogpost – watch for it).

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Reading horror stories about the sex lives of teenage girls just a few years older than me was an education in and of itself.We were both in the same grade, but he was 13, turning 14 in August. This is a very important part of the story, so take note.