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16-Feb-2018 02:45

Outlook’s profile is stored in the home folder’s Library folder.

The specific path to the profile is: Update: Important to note is Outlook is now is sandboxed according to Apple’s sandboxing guidelines. With Outlook 2011 and Entourage, a user could manage his identity by holding the Option key as he launched the application. Instead, Microsoft has buried its Outlook Profile utility inside Outlook’s app bundle” Most notable about Outlook is Microsoft now stores the indexing database in a SQLite database rather than a proprietary format.

Visibly, not much was new apart from cosmetic changes such as an overall color change to Microsoft’s signature blue and white, font changes, updates to icons and a few user interface tweaks. Update: Outlook now has pre-emptive threading using Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) threading model introduced in OS X 10.7.

GCD puts the responsibility of managing threads on the operating system rather than with the application.

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When Outlook detects the SQLite database needs repair, it will prompt the user.It required activation via online subscription and offered no method for entering a serial number for perpetual use of the product.The application was referenced in Office Blogs simply as “Outlook for Mac”.Following are some of the new features in Outlook 15.

Outlook now requires online activation via an Office 365 subscriber account.Microsoft claims the new database format provides better overall performance.