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She is the Editor of Islands America, a travel website for visiting islands within the United States.She also writes about home design, food and historical architecture.They assembled into groups and shared such chores as cooking, cleaning and washing clothes.Many who did have young children shared apartments and houses so they could save time, money, utilities and food.The Home Ventilating Institute develops standards for air movement in various parts of a home environment, including areas above cooktops.Needs are considered the same for all types of cooktops, including induction styles.Nearly 19 million women held jobs during World War II.

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Energy is generated by a very powerful electromagnet, which essentially heats the metal in the pan you place on top of the glass-ceramic surface.Government campaigns targeting women were addressed solely at housewives, likely because already-employed women would move to the higher-paid "essential" jobs on their own, Many of the women who took jobs during World War II were mothers.These women with children at home pooled together in their efforts to raise their families.Leigh holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Washington.

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Similar images of women war workers appeared in other countries such as Britain and Australia.Images of women workers were widespread in the media as government posters, and commercial advertising was heavily used by the government to encourage women to volunteer for wartime service in factories.