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04-Jul-2018 07:09

She had a sweetheart of a little girl about Noah’s age. Her entire profile wasn’t some giant list of demands or the “I won’t haves.” She lived nearby. Her profile was full of all sorts of wit and intelligence. It’s like she knew exactly which two things would immediately score huge points for her. It’s the hilarious story about how one woman’s silent but deadly gasser almost ruined things with the man she is now married to. But not all love/fart stories end in marriage, let alone love. To shed more light on this under-discussed milestone, I asked some guys and gals about the first time they let one slip in front of their partner and what sort of lasting trace it left on their relationship.

I once farted and blamed it on my girlfriend at the time. We were spooning and watching TV and as I started to doze off I suddenly woke myself with the loudest fart! I must have kicked something off the bed." Instead of teasing me about it she actually believed me, and that was the moment I knew we really weren't right for each other.

Close behind that result was 25.2 percent of people who said they won't do it until 6 to 12 months into the relationship (I guess they needed to make sure their partner was super in love with them before their farts ruined everything?

), and behind that was 22.4 percent of people who say they always leave the room no matter what happens, which is so hilariously polite I kind of love it.

And today I have a tale to tell with no happy ending. Once upon a computer keyboard, I was sifting through my emails.

In fact, it was such a disastrous ending that I don’t even feel comfortable starting this story out with “once upon a time.” That’s too fairytale-esque, and this is no fairytale. I was only about five weeks behind (a seriously good record for me), when I saw that someone had sent me a message through a few weeks before. The reality of my digital life is that so often I get so far behind that I miss out on good opportunities.

He was lying on the bed and I was on top of him on all fours, and suddenly I farted and there was this moment, frozen in time, where I stopped and he looked up at me.