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03-Apr-2018 19:59

He also states his release date is "unknown." Melissa Fazzina, the website's creator, said she received Betesh's application and his fee for the website in the mail last week.

She doesn't discriminate against inmates who want to post their profiles based on their crimes.

(Canadian Inmates Connect Inc./THE CANADIAN PRESS) Saul Betesh, who's spent four decades behind bars for the high-profile 1977 killing of a Toronto shoeshine boy, has joined a matchmaking website that helps lonesome prisoners find companionship beyond the jailhouse walls.

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him being a CONVICT), but there are also some potential perks. If/when he gets out, he'll be an expert at doing laundry.2. He'll never leave his socks on the floor or the toothpaste uncapped.4. If you buy him baked goods from the grocery story and claim they're yours, he'll never know the difference.8. The "I've been thinking of leaving my toothbrush and a change of underwear at your place" conversation never has to happen.10. If you're into exhibitionism, you can pretend the guards are listening in on you during your conjugal visits.13. You'll always have one over him in an argument — "I may have cheated on you, but at least I'm not a convicted felon!

Fazzina kept the website going anyway because she says it has helped many prisoners -- and in the process she has become a public advocate for convicts seeking a second chance.

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