Bible study dating non christians

04-Feb-2018 21:50

Nevertheless, the Old Testament itself greatly influenced the way Western civilization has thought about literature and stories.

As a result, describing the biblical stories through literary terminology remains an important way of understanding the significance of the Old Testament as literature.

Very little is known about the early existence of the Israelites outside of the biblical story.

In fact, there are no references to Israel in ancient texts prior to 1200 The Old Testament explains that the Hebrew people (the term used for the Israelites by non-Israelites) were the descendants of a Semitic man named Abraham, who moved to the land of Canaan in obedience to God.

According to the order of biblical events, David and Solomon’s kingdoms probably existed around the tenth century The historical existence of such an Israelite empire is unclear; but after this point, the nation of Israel began to surface in the events of the ancient Near East.

For Christians, the Old Testament is also sacred, but they view its religious meaning as incomplete without the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as related in the New Testament.

The region in which the biblical events take place was an area of constant ethnic and political change.

The Old Testament depicts the Israelites as a separate and enduring entity throughout this change—a race of Hebrew people descended from one man, possessing a divine right to the land, and distinguishable from the surrounding peoples by its monotheism, or worship of one god.

Historians believe that the Israelites may have been a part of a gradual, peaceful resettlement, or even a peasant uprising.

The glory of the Israelites in the Old Testament is the vast, united kingdom of David and his son, Solomon, who established a royal capital in Jerusalem, erected a grand temple, and expanded Israel’s borders to the Euphrates River.

Historical evidence corroborates some of these events.

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