Andrew morley and kassandra clementi dating

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Jess takes Harley back to Melbourne with her, but when she dies, Heath brings Harley back to the Bay to stay with him.His wife, Bianca (Lisa Gormley), struggles to bond with Harley.When Heath tries to cheer him up with their late son's teddy bear, Bianca snatches it from him.When it seems like the Braxtons are a target, Bianca offers to care for Harley and she finally bonds with him.A couple of weeks later, Linda invites Casey back to London.However, he tells her that he is dealing with some things at home and decides that they should not see or contact each other again. For so long, Steve's been talking about how great working on Home and Away is.After returning to Australia, Casey video chats with Linda.

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Sean wants Andy to go to the police and change his story about a deal they were both involved in.

When Heath and Bianca return to the Bay in 2017, they bring Harley with them.

He cuts his hand on a broken seashell and Mason Morgan tends to the injury.

The 27th season of Home and Away began airing from 27 January 2014.

The following month saw the characters Sean Green and Denny Miller introduced. Sophie Taylor arrived in June, while Martin Ashford made his debut in October.

Neive takes a phone call during Phoebe's performance and then leaves.