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People love the game and I'm pretty fortunate to have had an opportunity to play it." Nowadays, Destrade is grateful to play a different game, one that he happens to love."I actually think there are a lot of similarities between live poker and Survivor," says Destrade. In both games the best players establish an image and then are able to exploit that image.Albert mis-uses the expression “sour grapes,” which is a pet peeve of mine. Albert snots that Stacey is stupid for just putting her ball in at the start of the 10 seconds. Her almost winning the challenge for you and you guys voting her out. I liked you so much at first this season, but you are going south fast. Tribal Council Injuries from the challenge – cuts to mouth and lips, Dawn and Ozzy chipped teeth. The talk then turns into how weird and socially awkward Cochran is. The votes go Cochran, Elyse, Cochran, Elyse, Dawn (innnteresting), Dawn and then …. Stacey complaining about her tribe is not “sour grapes.” Sour grapes is like “I didn’t want it anyway, they’re probably sour.” She’s not saying she didn’t want to stay anyway – she did want to stay. The challenge is an iron track where the women have to keep putting more balls in and catching them at the bottom. Also, Coach says he’s going to go nuts if anybody calls him Benjamin. I just now noticed Albert’s job is written as “baseball/dating coach.” Um, what? Savaii Elyse and Ozzy continue to be lazy snuggle bunnies, while Cochran is trying to work his little butt off so people will want to keep him. C.; Age: 24 Keith Tollefson Water Treatment Tech San Diego, Calif.; Age:26 Mark-Anthony Caruso Retired NYPD Detective Forest Hills, NY; Age: 48 Mikayla Wingle Lingerie Football Player Tampa, Fla.; Age: 22 Rick Nelson Rancher Aurora, Utah; Age: 51 Semhar Tadesse Spoken Work Artist Los Angeles, Calif; Age: 24 Sophie Clarke Medical Student Willsboro, NY; Age: 22 Stacey Powell Mortician Grand Prairie, Texas; Age: 44 Whitney Duncan Country Music Singer Nashville, Tenn.; Age: 27 Any early favorites from the Survivor South Pacific cast?Update: CBS confirms Coach & Ozzy are the returning castaways.I love both games and I think they are two of the best ever created." Destrade's road to the poker world began in the fall of 2004, which is when he attended and played baseball at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.Forced inside by a passing hurricane, one that happened to leave his dorm powerless, a couple of his teammates suggested a friendly game of poker.

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I’m with him on this one – he’s a weird little dude, but it’s terrible to hate someone because of who their uncle is. Redemption Island Albert/Mikayla go for Upolu, Dawn/Whitney go for Savaii. Next week: Ozzy is mad and pouting over Elyse’s ouster.This is a spot Albert Destrade, then 25, found himself in four years ago, but the game wasn't poker, it was Survivor.Since 2000, CBS's hit reality show has captivated viewers, and from September 14 – December 18, 2011, Survivor: South Pacific dominated the airwaves.The season, which was filmed in the vicinity of Upolu, Samoa, was best known for featuring two returning players – Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade.

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"Going on Survivor was a very surreal experience," says Destrade, who is now a professional poker player.Boston Rob on Why He Won't Play Survivor Again When Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz returned last season for Survivor: Redemption Island, it was spurred on by a rivalry from a previous season, but Coach and Ozzy -- who will be on different teams in South Pacific --- have never played together. Survivor host Jeff Probst tells, "What they share together is their social games suck. Well, most of the cast that is, as later this week, two former contestants who are returning this season will be announced as well – as was the case in last season's Survivor: Redemption Island. We'll have to see if he lives up (or down, I guess) to the Hantz name.