Age difference and dating

08-Jun-2018 14:10

So for me personally, it’s very important that she has a great personality, is intelligent, and genuinely is excited about who I am, as much as I am excited about her. I have a pair of relatives who are going into their 90’s and are still madly in love.Some people take care of their body, their mind and have great genetics, so stereotyping serves no purpose.Being highly intelligent and knowledgeable at a young age makes you seem rather nerdy to people who are average.So in High school I hung out with people who were working on graduate degrees or doing post-graduate work or older.But when my daughters dated guys older than them, my main concern wasn’t their age, it was if they were a jerk!And without question, the biggest Jerks were those younger guys who felt they were universally powerful and immortal, lacking compassion and respect. When I was young I had friends who were much older than me, because I quickly outgrew peers my own age.Sometimes one will have children from a previous relationship but feel like they're perhaps too old to have one in the new relationship.Sometimes the woman may feel that he is only with her because she's young and can still have children." With all the questions, assumptions, and jokes regarding your relationship, it's important you have a thick skin.

That doesn’t mean that a really healthy 50-year woman can’t have a child, it just means there aren’t many of them. After 50, women lose much of that sex appeal or find it incredibly difficult to maintain, and spend phenomenal amounts of money trying to maintain it artificially. If they don’t want to create their own children with a woman then that’s another story.Not at all, because they know that I am not an old geezer with bladder control issues.People in my family live to be 100 years old quite often.We lived in the moment and, in hindsight, that probably wasn't very wise." Sarah and her partner have considered the future: "There are going to be obvious physical differences as he gets older, and I know he will probably pass before me, but we are a great partnership and I will always be there for him.

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We make it count while we are able and fit to do so." Websites promising "mutually beneficial relationships" are becoming more commonplace in today's society.I don’t feel old, look old or have degenerative medical issues. I will bet that I can out cycle and out run you by miles.

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They are offering the chance of finding true love and happiness, and there are plenty of takers!… continue reading »

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